Our Vision

Our Vision

At Humeltis we believe that using three dimensional models of lung tissues will lead to in-depth understanding of pulmonary diseases, drug responses, ageing and lung tissue regeneration processes. This knowledge will aid the development of personalised diagnostics and therapies saving the lives of millions of people every year.

And there is an added bonus: we only use HUMAN cells – NO animal studies!

The 3D lung tissues Humeltis has developed offer a much better depiction of the human lung microenvironment and responsiveness to stimuli. The conclusions, which could be drawn from experiments using our models are as close to reality as science currently allows it to be.

Two dimensional (2D) cell line experiments are an oversimplification of the real world, no wonder that results of such studies show little or no correlation with clinical studies conducted in three dimensional (3D) humans.


We are grateful that our vision was shared by X-Ventures, the prestigious venture fund. X-Ventures helped Humeltis to develop its current portfolio of products and services and supports Humeltis to reach its ambitious goals.

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